Join The Survival Summit as they team up with Duck Life and the Bayou Gunners to walk you through their way of life; harvesting ducks from the sky, and surviving off the land by regularly eating squirrel and raccoon. More importantly, they show you how to have fun during the process, so you can be mentally and physically prepared to survive and thrive during The Greater Depression. 

In this DVD:

 • Duck Calling
 • Shotgun Selection
 • Ammo Selection
 • The Right Choke Selection
 • Various Duck Decoy Spread
 • Methods To Hunt Various Areas
 • How To Make a Duck Call
 • How to Blend In During The Hunt
 • Local Law Awareness
 • Why a Cajun Microwave Is So Useful
 • How to Use a Cajun Microwave to Cook a Raccoon
 • How to Prepare Ducks For Cooking
 • How to Prepare Squirrel (and other small game) For Human Consumption


Despite the hardships it inflicted, the Great Depression brought many friends and families closer together as they fought for survival as a team. As one observer put it; 

"Many a family has lost its automobile and found its soul." 

Prepping doesn’t have to always be about doom and gloom.  In fact, astute survivalists will take the opportunities to prepare for the worst, while keeping a positive mindset… Then morph those opportunities into team building and family bond-building scenarios, just like the experts from our latest DVD did.

Join us October 25th, as we step back from the dark side of survival and into the practical (and fun) side of self reliance in our latest featured film, Duck Hunting 101 - Hunting and Processing Small Game To Survive The Greater Depression, and Have Fun Doing So.


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Total Runtime: 1 Hour 50 minutes

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