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You love gear, we love gear. But gear is useless without knowledge. So, our gift to you, is a little knowledge from the one-and-only Tim Kennedy. For those of you that may not know Tim, he is an active Ranger qualified, Green Beret, Special Forces Sniper/ Army Ranger, former UFC middleweight fighter, and the featured expert in our latest film, “Active Shooter and Mass Casualty Events”

This film includes 2 hours of information rich content. Below are two chapters from this film, one of which is not included in the publicly released film and is exclusive to Crateclub members

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No one chooses to be the victim. Whether you find yourself in a natural disaster, an active shooter situation, or a robbery, you can better prepare yourself through education, practical application, and ongoing training. Learn the skills necessary to take blood out of the bad guys, keep blood in the good guys and still enjoy life.

Featured experts in this film include Tim Kennedy, Mike Simpson, Kris Perkins, Blake Hayes, and Travis Joyner, who, in addition to their individual accomplishments, make up the always incredible team at Sheepdog Response

LEARN: Firearm Fundamentals | Stress Induced Weapons Training | Eliminating Threats | Situational Awareness | Caring for the Wounded

Duration: 2 hours 22 minutes (with bonus content) | HD 1080p Resolution

Free Bonus Content

Urban Situational Awareness – from our latest film featuring Tim Kennedy, “Active Shooter & Mass Casualty Events”

BONUS Footage – at 2 hours, the Active Shooter film contains a ton of great knowledge. But we kept some exclusive stuff out of the film to share with our clients, fans and through other partnerships. Here, Tim and his partner Dr. Mike, discuss their EDC.

Trailer for Active Shooter & Mass Casualty Event featuring Tim Kennedy and Sheepdog Response

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Watch these cinematic trailers for our films. We invest a lot of time on our films, and the trailers, because we care about the knowledge AND the style in which it’s presented.

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Your blades are just as important as your firearm and the guys at TOPS Knives have a few more years doing this than most. Check below for another sick trailer.



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Total Runtime: 1 hour 57 minutes (1 DVD)

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Trailer for Blade Care featuring TOPS Knives

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