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Blue Line Breachers Badass Box

When this showed up, my first reaction was “what in the world?” The box was heavy, coming in at 17 pounds. I then remembered I was getting a review sample of a small gun safe suitable for mounting in a vehicle (though you could certainly finds places for it at home as well.) What I didn’t realize was that it….

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Hot food doesn’t just taste better, it can be a life saver in cold weather. Hot water not only makes coffee better, especially on a nippy day, but the process of heating it can save your life by killing bugs that cause disease.

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9mm or .40 Caliber?

The age old argument over the “better round” may come to an end in this article, after the FBI releases some of its information about various calibers. This man was shot with .40 S&W rounds to center mass, was not incapacitated at the scene, and survived the shooting…

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So what happens to your important notes if they get wet? If you use TUFFNotes  from Bardin & Marsee Publishing, not to worry as long as your ink wasn’t water soluble. I’ve used a number of papers intended to survive a soaking, but these notebooks are the toughest I’ve encountered. The pages can be stretched, but are VERY hard to…

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Survival Skills for Bugging In and Out

“You have to have survival skills! No amount of gear, guns and ammo will help you unless you have skill.”

We read something like this in just about any article out there on the topic but few take into account that most folks prepare with specific scenarios in mind. The thing is, there are dozens and dozens of skills you can learn and a lot of them will be pretty much useless in a disaster situation. Sure, the more you know, the better, but being good at all of them is just too…

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