Is a safe room a good idea?

If you do it right, yes. Doing it right means having a safe room that can stand up to the worst of Mother Nature and the worst two-legged predators.

A safe room must be:

WikiHow has an article with directions on how to build a safe room. The Federal Emergency Management Agency also has free downloadable storm shelter plans. Everyone in the house must know how to get into the safe room and how to lock the door behind them. A deadbolt with a knob on the inside is a must. In an emergency, looking f a key snot not even cross your mind.


Once you have the safe room, then you must stock it.

Water is the critical item. Try to have 1 gallon per day per person. That may sound like a lot, but if you are in the room for 2-3 days, you will be thankful for it. This covers required liquid for hydration, cooking and sanitation. 

A bucket, toilet lid to sit on the bucket and paper. Even if you are in the safe room only for a few hours, the Call of Nature does not care. A bucket contains urine and feces. Paper cleans up the people and any accidents. It may not smell good, but at least you are not sitting in it.

Food is important, especially for children. An adult can go days without food. If you have babies or infants, put in a three-day supply of age-appropriate food for them.

Since a safe room is for protection from people as well, make sure you have something for self-defense in the room. Keep plenty of ammunition with your firearms.

Keep a good, strong ax in the room too. You may need to chop your way free. The ax is also a good weapon.

A few other items to add are:

Things to NOT keep in a safe room are:

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