Be prepared by having a plan

Knowledge, combined with a plan of action, are keys to surviving an emergency situation. When disaster strikes, and you already know what to do, your chances of survival increase dramatically. 

While no plan can cover absolutely everything, you should be ready to handle real situations. Assess the risks and know what you need to do to survive. Emergency services like medical and fire rescue train constantly. They have plans in place for everything from a small grass fire to a major plant explosion. 

Regardless of the problem, the goal is more than survival. An effective and reasonable strategy increases you come out the other side in good shape. 

Good risk assessment means: 

  1. Identifying potential problems. 
  2. Determining how likely those problems are. 
  3. Having realistic plans to cope with those emergencies. 

Your top concern has to be the safety and well being of your family and yourself. Run a risk assessment for your family. Ask yourself, “how will I react to make sure my family and I are as safe as possible?” Write those items down. Turn them into a plan and share the details with your family. They need to know. You cannot be there 24/7/365. If you are not around, they must be able to implement the plan in absence. 

Below are three areas and a look at what can happen and how likely that is. These are examples. Apply these circumstances to more than just your home and family. 

You need a safe home. How prepared are you? Here are three common situations: 



When it comes to disaster, how much thought have you given financial planning? What happens to your family if you cannot provide for them? This ranges from you being incapacitated to dead to a complete shutdown of society. If things go boom, people are still going to do business. 

Do you have: 

When you plan and prepare, you can survive. Update your plans as often as things change. That change can be a child becoming an adult and leaving home, or a hurricane brewing off the coast. Being adaptable is your greatest resource. 

Here is a short rundown of what necessary items to have at all times: 

Do you need more? Yes. Think about living in the woods for a week. What do you need to survive there? That’s what you’ll need to have as part of your emergency supplies and plan. 

“Failing to plan is planning to fail,” said Alan Lakein.

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