5 Things You Don’t Know About Body Armor

 Infidel Body Armor Featured Above Infidel Body Armor Featured Above

5 Things You Don’t Know About Body Armor

Level III, level IIIa, level XYZ…  I was so confused when I first looked into getting body armor.  Although it was a while ago, I remember it clearly.  I was on tour with Ringling Brother’s & Barnum and Bailey Circus as their headlining act (more on that at another time), when I “woke up” to the world’s events and unraveling…

I called a body armor shop, since I was about to tour through their exact location and I wanted to meet in person so they could answer my questions.  At the time, the store I was purchasing from was strictly an online store and wouldn’t give out their physical address…  But I had many, many questions.

Then I received a call from Infidel Body Armor, and the rest is history.  The CEO and I quickly became friends after I had the chance to interview him for a one hour radio show I did for a year.  (Hint: You may notice someone familiar on THIS PAGE of his site.)  He helped answer so many questions, however, there were still 5 Things I Didn’t Know… then I found this video.  Enjoy!

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