What the Mass Bug Out from the Middle East to Europe Means to You


Mass Bug Out

Well, it’s happening. The S didn’t just hit the F, it’s hitting it over and over again. Many Muslims have grown to hate our civilized world and, at the same time, they’re flocking for benefits. ISIS is growing stronger and stronger, despite all major countries fighting against them.

Those of us who are more awoken already new about the Muslim problems in countries like France, UK and Belgium… but there was one event that really put the spotlight on the Islamist problem: the biggest bug out in recent history from countries like Syria and Pakistan to countries like Germany and Sweden.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I realize that seeing your country completely destroyed by civil war must be tough to swallow, let alone travelling thousands of miles to seek refuge in another country… But the problem is, this clash of civilizations is only going to get worse.

It’s pretty clear things are going to get worse and I could fill pages upon pages with reasons and evidence… but, instead, I’d like to do something better. I want to talk about what this mass migration means to us and what we can do to protect ourselves and our families.

#1. Crime rate will increase

Not to be racist but I think it’s pretty clear that many Muslims prefer easier ways to make money. This is why there are leaked videos of migrants openly admitting they only came to Europe for money, houses and benefits. Many of them were disappointed when certain countries such as Denmark who decided to cut benefits for asylum seekers.

Yes, there are non-violent Muslims out there but, overall, I think we can all agree that the majority of those migrating to western countries are not interested in social and economic advancements and that they hate us. They are troubled when they arrive, they remain troubled years after and their kids end up confused because of the poor education they receive at home.

What can you do to prepare ourselves?

·         make your home more secure

·         have guns, folding knives, pepper spray or even DYI weapons in your everyday carry kits (you may want to check the laws for this)

·         take self-defense classes

·         avoid bad neighborhoods

·         …and so on.

These things aren’t really new, they’re pretty basic but, with more and more people suddenly seeing their towns becoming unsafe, they need to be said.

#2. Terrorist attacks will increase.

Yes, there are other things that take more lives than terrorist attacks, but this doesn’t mean we should ignore terrorism. When you prepare, you do it for most of the things that have a non-negligible chance of happening, not just for some.

Unfortunately, in case of a terrorist attack, there isn’t much you can do. Most of the things that can be done are to avoid it:

·         Avoid large crowds, including music festivals and football games (though there haven’t been any such attempts in the US recently, in November 2015, one of the Paris terrorists tried to go on the Stade de France with a bomb strapped to his belt, during the France –Germany soccer game.

·         Always stay near the exits so you can quickly get out of there if need be.

·         Develop your awareness. Make a habit of screening people and figuring out if they’re looking to do something stupid.

OK, so it’s happening. What can you actually do to survive? A few things:

·         Run like hell. One of the band members that was playing at the Bataclan Theater in Paris, where 90 people died that night, quickly ran away as he heard gunshots. The guy on the left of the screen from the video below, take a look:


·         Play dead. That’s exactly what one of the Bataclan survivors did for over an hour and survived.

·         Take him down… whether you have a gun or not. Well, if you only have a couple of seconds to react and he’s heading right towards you, what else can you do? You’re as good as dead anyway…

#3. Muslims are going to become the majority in some European countries in 2 generations.

Some phony-baloney left-wing article suggested that Muslims will have lower birth rates one they live in the civilized world, I’ve got two big arguments against this:

Number one, many Muslim migrants as well as their children did NOT adapt to western society. Proof is the numerous rallies taking place in France and the UK, asking for Sharia law and mocking our values.

Number two, the most popular name in London is – you’re not going to believe this – Muhammad. Now I don’t know about you but this gives me the chills every time I remember it.

What does this mean?

·         there will be more protests;

·         expect public humiliation of Christians, atheists and anyone who doesn’t agree with them;

·         they will elect representatives in local and state councils, meaning they will be able to pass laws in their favor

In some regions, we’re the ones going to be in minority. Take a look at Ganziantep, Turkey, where the housing and rent pricings have doubled ever since the city has been flooded with migrants. Makes you wonder where they have all this money to buy or rent real-estate…

#4. Troubled people non-related to Islam may use terror to make themselves heard.

News flash: there are plenty of other people out there who feel frustrated for different reasons. Now that terrorism is “a thing”, they might feel inspired to do it to make their voices heard.

Remember that ISIS is very good at propaganda and convincing others that the western democratic society is bad. They are masters at using people’s hatred against them. So, the more we hate each-other, especially Muslims, the easier it is for them to expand.

#5. More and more westerners will join the ISIS cause.

We all know some people from the US and Europe have joined the ISIS cause. Some of them are confused teens while others are grow-n ups who probably got sick with their way of life and want something more challenging. Austrian teens Samra Kesinovic and Sabina Selimovic are two such examples. They both ran away from home to Syria to join the extremist group and were both killed, one during fighting, the other beaten to death after trying to escape.

Either way, the odds of your neighbor being a radical Muslim will increase, which is why we need to keep quiet about our prepping endeavors even when it comes to people that seem trustworthy.

Final Word

Truth be told, I could’ve given you a lot more proof why this mass-bug out of economic migrants/refugees represents the end of the world as we know it but… I think we’re all sufficiently aware of what’s happening. All we can do now is to prepare… to move out of bad towns and neighborhoods (which are getting more and more numerous in Europe… for now, at least).

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  1. To help them succeed The European Parliament is planning to take away weapons from Law abiding Citizens which places the Muslims at a greater advantage

  2. The EU policy will create a situation where Europeans will be harmless and unable to protect themselves,

  3. Last time it took 500 year for Eurppe to throw off the yoke of the muslims, In 500 more they are back and invaded without resistance. It will be 1500 years before Europe is free again and a lot can go wrong in between. We in the USA face the same danger, this election will tdllthe tale for my lifetime barring another Revolution for Freedom. Too many people are just ignorant of history, other cultures and a way to look at the world as it really is and not through their rose colored glasses. In fact more people use the roseys and that is why history repeats its self in such brutal ways.

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