So what happens to your important notes if they get wet? If you use TUFFNotes  from Bardin & Marsee Publishing, not to worry as long as your ink wasn’t water soluble. I’ve used a number of papers intended to survive a soaking, but these notebooks are the toughest I’ve encountered. The pages can be stretched, but are VERY hard to rip. I left them soaking for several days outdoors without damage. The best way to destroy them seems to be fire as the pages will readily burn.

The 4.5×8.5” spiral bound notebooks open and lay flat while the front cover will fold all the way around to the back to get out of the way. They can be kept closed with the elastic band attached to the back cover.

The best writing implement for them is probably the Fisher Space pen, but any indelible ink pen or marker will work fine. The pages are not porous, so you want something that dries quickly. Lefties who drag their hands across freshly written lines need to be especially careful. The Fisher pen dries fast enough, but others didn’t, so I reverted to my old fountain pen days and used a cover sheet as I wrote. Pencils also work, though they aren’t quite as durable as an appropriate ink. You can erase pencil, but as with regular paper, you can see where you erased.

They can be had with orange or black covers and plain, ruled or dot grid paper. Each notebook has 200 pages and costs $30.00. You can get 200 unbound pages for $15.00. I like them a lot for any outdoors activity and think they would be a good way to make sure notes survive most anything. They would be great for taking notes in a shooting class as well as having your ballistic data safely recorded.

Bardin & Marsee also publish waterproof Bibles in several translations. I really like not having to worry about damaging mine. There is an assortment of choices for covers, including camouflage and the fonts are easy to read.

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