If you’re concerned about the threat of a possible EMP attack from another nation, or the threat of a Coronal Mass Ejection from the sun, and how to best survive the disturbances to our electrical grid that either event would cause, then Home EMProvement is for you! Learn the best techniques from expert Scott Hunt of Practical Preppers.

So if you’d like to learn how to protect the critical pieces of electrical equipment in your life, so that you can be one of the few people left with working refrigerators, air conditioning, radios, tactical equipment, and the ability to recharge batteries should an EMP or CME attack occur, then get ready to take notes as Scott Hunt, from Practical Preppers, walks you through simple step-by-step strategies for how to protect you and your family from the threats of an EMP or CME event.


Inside this DVD you’ll discover simple do-it-yourself strategies for how to reduce the damage and insulate yourself from the devastating destruction that either an EMP or CME  would cause to our electric grid, and all the critical pieces of equipment attached to it.

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Total Runtime: 55 minutes

Produced by The Prepper Project

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