The ULTIMATE Bug Out Bundle


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Ultimate Bug Out Bundle!

• Survival Bug Out
• Survival Duck Hunting 101
• Survival Land Navigation

If you've ever thought about getting some of our DVD's but couldn't afford it, or maybe it wasn't the right fit at the time, consider this your golden opportunity!

We're on the verge of a potential nuclear war with North Korea, Russia, China... and who knows, maybe even Iran.  Are you fully prepared to take care of your family?  Let us help you.

Get the Ultimate Bug Out Bundle now for the low price of 1 DVD!  That's a savings of nearly $60 off!

• Discover what you need to know to Bug Out safely - Preparation, mindset, and execution.

• Learn some easy (and some complicated) Land Navigation Survival Skills to get you where you need to go to survive an EMP, Social Unrest, or a variety of many other potential scenarios.

• Learn how to procure and prepare your own food (squirrel, raccoon, ducks, etc) to sustain you and your kids during a prolonged Grid Down, Depression, or other event incase your food preps are compromised.