After watching this you will know how to make a No Maintenance 48+ hour fire


Sigma 3 Survival School's founder, Rob Allen, guides you through the finest details of the most required Survival Skills and shares with you all of his best bushcraft secrets. 

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Buy now and receive this 3 1/2 hour course in Download and DVD.


  • Critical Survival Tools for EDC
  • Knife Sharpening
  • Cold Weather Shelter
  • Warm Weather Shelter
  • Tarp Lean To
  • Plow Point
  • Sip Well
  • Carbon Water Filter
  • Bow Drill
  • Bow Drill With a Student (So you can learn from his mistakes)
  • Tipi Fire
  • Ferro Rod
  • Diamond Blowing Technique (You'll never start a fire without this technique after watching this video!)
  • All Night Fire (Which should be re-named the 48-Hour Fire)
  • Snare Trapping
  • Body Hold Trapping
  • Paiute Deadfull
  • Meat Preparation
  • Meat Preserving


Whether you're a day hiker who finds himself lost in the woods, or the hard-core TEOTWAWKI Prepper, this professionally filmed and edited video by two of the self proclaimed coolest people on earth, will walk you through the hard-core realities of staying alive in survival situations

Imagine being able to walk off into the woods with nothing more than a knife, and survive indefinitely... 

The Survival Summit is proud to present Sigma 3 Survival School’s founder and wilderness survival expert, Robert Allen, in his very own full length film, Survival Skills.  

In this 2-Disc set, you'll discover the critical secrets and subtle nuances behind how to properly start a fire using a bow drill, how to build a primitive shelter with little or no tools that’ll keep you warmer than a modern tent can.  You’ll also learn how to build warm weather shelters, filter water primitively, procure your own food, and much, much more!  Many of the skills are shown primitively with no tools, or semi primitively with minimal tools.

Perhaps our favorite item here at The Survival Summit is the All Night Fire, which kept us warm for 40+ hours while filming, without adding wood.  

Whether you’re the backpacker who wants to have a few extra skills or the hardcore TEOTWAWKI prepper, this DVD will teach you the critical basic skills needed to survive in the wilderness during an emergency. 

All professionally filmed, edited and mastered.  Total runtime is 3 hours 30 minutes.
Introductory Retail Price: $49.95 + S&H. All orders will ship within 48 hours.

We ship international! Note: DVDs are NTSC but will play on your computer (for our international customers)

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Join Jack Richland, a US Marine Veteran and CEO of Black Scout Survival as he teaches critical Escape and Evasion skills and techniques to turn you into his personal student, and gives you the up-close and critical details with crystal clear instructions, to turn you into a captor’s worst nightmare.

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In the year 2014 the United States of America averaged:
• 700 Abductions per day
• 8,000 home invasions per day
• 40 murders per day
And those are just the crimes that were actually reported.
Right here in the United States of America during relatively safe times, a violent crime occurs every 25.3 seconds. What will that look like when times get worse?

You buy a gun to protect yourself and your family, but how will you protect them when you’re not right there by their side?


•Escape Illegal Restraints
•Duct Tape
•Zip Ties and Flex Cuffs
•Escape from the trunk of a car while handcuffed
•How to secretly carry everyday items on your person to escape illegal restraints
•How to lose someone who you suspect is following you
•Anti Tracking & Counter Surveillance Techniques
•Untraceable Communications
•Lock Picking with tools as well as every day items
•Cellphone Complacency
•Anti-kidnapping techniques
•Everyday disguises that will make you virtually disappear


Tech will fail, either in everyday life or in an emergency. This film will get you up to speed on how to effectively navigate your way to safety with nothing more than a compass and a map. If you need more, this film has it from finding where you are, primitive compass techniques, hiding caches, and more...

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In this film you will learn:

Every few days there is a story of someone getting lost in the woods while camping or because their car broke down in the middle of nowhere. This scenario is unimaginable to someone skilled Land Navigation. Don't become another story, arm yourself.

  • How to navigate without a GPS
  • How to correctly read a topographic map
  • Understand "Declination" and why it's important
  • Find where you are on a map so you can correctly navigate towards water (or other essential resource)
  • Hide and locate a secret cache without losing it
  • Determine what makes a good compass
  • Route planning and selection

Survival Land Navigation brought to you by The Survival Summit in participation with Top Albritton.

Top Albritton has 20 year military experience and has taught thousands of soldiers the art of Land Navigation. From military use to his current day job Land Navigation has been a big part of Top's life and he will share his secrets with you in this film.